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Best places to walk dogs in West Yorkshire

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Finding a walk that is right for your dog can be a challenge.

It’s not only finding a place to walk but also knowing how long the route is, how busy it might be and the type of terrain.

Older dogs usually struggle more with hilly and uneven terrain, young dogs with longer routes and anxious dogs with busy places.

So here are my top 5 dog walks in and around Huddersfield and Wakefield to help you decide where to explore next:

1. Best off lead dog walks near me

Has to be Horbury lagoons not only are there plenty of fields for your dogs to have a run in there are also multiple different tracks along the canal/river, around the lagoons themselves and to the nearby park and golf course.

Plus if your dog is a keen swimmer there are a few points along the route safe for a quick paddle as long as there hasn’t been an algae bloom (always check the water is safe before allowing your dogs to enter).

There is even a woodland section perfect for some sniffing games or hide and seek.

dog swimming
Taking a dip in the lagoon

2. Dog walks in Wakefield

The best dog walk in Wakefield for me has to be Newmillerdam there are so many different routes to choose from you will never get bored.

You could walk around the lake and let your dog have a paddle in the pond (it’s not a real pond but I don’t know how else to describe it!) or you can head up into the woods for the Gnome Roam or castle trails and if you’re feeling really adventurous there is even a Wakefield walk mapped out that goes around the entire city which should keep your busy for at least a few days.

The hills and uneven terrain up through the woods are great for challenging fit healthy dogs helping them improve their proprioception (awareness of where their limbs are in space) and improve their joint motion and muscle strength and flexibility but if you want a slightly easier walk stick to the path around the lake which is a flat gravel type path.

dog laying down
Taking a rest by the lake

3. Best dog walks Huddersfield

My favourite walk in Huddersfield would have to be Storthes Hall Woods. Again you get the challenging terrain for your fit healthy dogs but there are also a number of fields you can walk around or relax on with your older, younger or recovering dogs who just want a good sniff around.

Just watch out for all the squirrels!

The best way to walk if you have 2 dogs is to head towards the football pitches below these there is a great field of midlength grass for your dogs to play and explore.

4. Best place to walk a reactive or nervous dog

Finding a quiet place to explore with your nervous or reactive dog can be a challenge but here in Huddersfield, we’re lucky to have access to the moorland.

The best spot I’ve found is in Meltham and you can even walk up to Deerhill or Blackmoorfoot reservoir if your dog’s happy crossing roads, just be careful with the time you go as the reservoirs can get very busy especially on weekends but I’ve found on a rainy midweek evening they can be completely empty.

The main reason I prefer Meltham is that there is hardly ever any sheep grazing the land although there may be in some areas so keep your dog on a lead when crossing these points.

The best way to walk a dog who pulls or lunges is from the end of Red lane towards the left as then there are no road crossings and a well-defined path so no chance of you tripping!

5. Best way/place to walk a puppy, elderly dog or one who is recovering from an injury

It has to be Sandal Castle, not only does it have an amazing view over Wakefield but there is a lovely cafe and benches every 10 yards or so so plenty of opportunities for rest whilst still being able to interact with other dogs or people if you and they wish (always ask permission before approaching).

If your dog is recovering well or a pup who is getting older by the minute and you want to go a little further you can head to the nearby fields or even all the way down to Pugneys, but be careful in winter as the path gets very muddy and slippery.

View of Pugneys from Sandal Castle
View of Pugneys from Sandal Castle

Where will you be going first?

P.s if you need ways to keep your dog occupied without walking them in the early stages of recovery from an injury or surgery or before tour pups fully vaccinated check out some useful ideas here:

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