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Collaborations and Partnerships 

Did you know we use an Epiony Thermal Wand in all our physiotherapy and massage sessions* 

*if appropriate for the pet



We also offer hydrotherapy for dogs along with the amazing team at House of Hound- find out more about them here-

Guest podcasts:

We spoke with Pup Talk the Podcast all about preventing injuries in our dogs and if you missed it you can catch it here-

We also spoke with The Splendid Smallholding about obesity-related injuries, find it here-

Guest Blogs: 

We wrote an article for Agilitynet all about getting back out there and you can read it here-


We also wrote a piece on Conditioning the Canine athlete for Ruffle Snuffle which you can check out here- 

We've also written blogs on the signs of injuries and when to get help which you can find here-


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