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About Us

We are fully qualified, insured and NAVP registered Veterinary Physiotherapists and finalists in the 2021 Animal Star Awards.  We work under veterinary referral to ensure that no patients have any contraindications which would make rehabilitation treatment unethical.  A copy of the veterinary referral form can be found under the veterinary referral tab. 


What is NAVP?


The National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists aims to ensure that the highest standards of physiotherapy care will be delivered to animals by ensuring that all registered therapists have a strong foundation of scientific knowledge with clinical practice and continued research. NAVP is widely recognized in the industry and ensures that all members are of a high standard which is maintained through the completion of continued professional development (CPD).  You can find our profile on their website here-


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Are we Right for you and your pet?

We're ARE right for you if:

1. You have a pet who competes or trains in sports (low or high level or just for fun)

2. Your pet is injured

3. You want to prevent injuries in your pet

4. You want to improve your pets fitness, muscle mass or strength

5. Your pet has a muscle, bone or ligament disorder such as OA, CCLR, locking stifle, kissing spines, HD, ED etc.

6. You care about giving your pet the best treatment long term 

7. You want to have peace of mind you've done everything for your pet

We're NOT right for you if:

1. You want a one off check of your pets condition

2. You want the cheapest option

3. You need a pre-sale check

4. Your not committed to a long term program of sessions and at home fitness 

5. You are looking for a center to take your pet to (we're mobile)

6. You are outside of West and South Yorkshire

Our Team

Find out some more about us.  

Zoe Hindle

Veterinary Physiotherapist

animal star.jpg
Introducing Zoe Hindle MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy, BSc Bioveterinary Science.  


 Hello, I’m Zoe and I’ve been working with animals for the last 10 years and have a passion for helping animals by reducing pain, increasing mobility, fitness and performance.  I qualified as a veterinary physiotherapist in September 2019 and can’t wait to start treating all your lovely pets.

In my spare time, I train and compete in agility with my dog Jack a Border collie x Hungarian vizsla and like to ride my loan horse Tye.   

If you'd like to know more just drop us a message.  

Our Team
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