Where is the Brachialis?

Where is the brachialis?

In the dog the brachialis starts from caudal to the head of the humerus to the proximomedial radius and ulna and is a flexor of the elbow.

In the horse, the brachialis comes from the proximocaudal surface of the humerus to the proximomedial surface of the radius and flexes the elbow.

This is the muscle that allows our dogs to lift their limb up to go upstairs or over objects on the ground such as cavaletti or roots in the woods.

The brachialis is a small muscle but has a huge function in the movement of the forelimbs in both our dogs and horses.

So should you be incorporating pole work into your pet’s routine? Probably!

For more information on how to do that check out our pole work guide. Or if you’re really committed to improving our pets fitness join our live webinars.

Join the canine webinar here.

Join the equine webinar here.

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