Struggling to Success an Equine Conditioning Journey Webinar

Struggling to Success an Equine Conditioning Journey Webinar


Join our upcoming webinar Struggling to Success an Equine Conditioning Journey for only £9.99 and feel empowered to take your horses fitness to its peak!⁣⁣
We'll be discussing:⁣⁣
🐴 How to improve range of motion⁣⁣
🐴 Muscle mass and strength exercises for your horses limbs and core⁣⁣
🐴 How to design a fitness plan for any healthy horse⁣
🐴 How to choose your exercise ⁣⁣
🐴 How and when to progress to the next step⁣⁣
This webinar is perfect for you if you:⁣⁣
🐴 Have a healthy horse ⁣⁣
🐴 Know you could be doing more and are ready to take the next step⁣⁣
🐴 Are ready to start flying past your competitors whilst they're still stuck where they've always been ⁣⁣

Watch the replay now you can find the link on page 2 of your workbook its the same as the live link and will remain live forever!


Look out for an email containing your workbook, this is where the link to the webinar replay is! Can't find it? Be sure to check your spam and add us to your address book.  

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