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Are Dog Sports Safe?

Many of us love training and competing with our dogs and it brilliant for their mental stimulation, fitness and bond with us as handlers and owners. But are we putting our dogs at risk? Over 30% of sporting dogs suffer an injury at some point in their sporting career. These injuries are most commonly occur in the limbs, back and neck. Some of these injuries can be mild such as a cut to a pad or a cracked nail. These injuries cause only minor discomfort to our dogs and can be quickly treated (find out more in our laser blog). However, some injuries can be more serious and lead to a prolonged recovery for our dogs. How do we reduce the risk to our dogs? Seen as competing and training in sports is both enjoyable and healthy (in the most part) for us and our dogs its important to know how we can reduce their chances of getting hurt. So we can enjoy our sport for longer. Reducing injuries-

  • Warm-up and cool down effectively

Injuries are more common in dogs that haven’t been effectively warmed up. To find out What no one Tells you about Warm-ups and Cool-downs check out our webinar

  • Ensure your dog is the correct weight

Dogs who are underweight will be lacking the proper muscle mass and conditioning to effectively compete and stay safe whereas overweight dogs will be putting excess forces through their joints and bones making damage to them more likely. Check out our canine health board on Pinterest for healthy snack options-

  • Train your dog in each skill they will need to train and compete

Be sure your dog can do each skill individually and competently before considering competing. More accidents occur at competitions than at training due to the dogs increased speed and excitement.

  • Improve your dog’s fitness and condition

To be able to perform at their best your dog should be in peak physical condition and fitness. Don’t know where to start check out our Complete Canine Fitness Guide-

  • Ensure your dog is regularly seen by a professional

Studies have shown that dogs who see a professional vet physio every 3-6 months are less likely to get injured and will perform better. To book your appointment with us or a FREE phone consultation head over to Stay safe and enjoy many happy years competing and training

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