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What No one Tells you about Warm ups and Cool downs
  • What No one Tells you about Warm ups and Cool downs


    Want to improve your dog's performance without the risk of injury?


    Feel like your dog has more potential but when you get the the start line its vanished? 


    You need a consistent and effective warm-up!


    Find out what to include in your dogs warm-up and cool down and what you should avoid. 


    What's included:

    • Recording of the Live webinar
    • Copies of the slides and script from the live webinar 
    • Copies of full warm-up and cool-down videos 
    • Plus a bonus warm-up and cool-down checklist 


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      • All products are aimed at healthy animals and should not be used as a treatment for any animal.  Guides should be used only after consultation with your vet and vet physio to ensure your pet is fit and well.  

      • Fit-Pet Physio are not responsible for any accident/injury that occurs to you or your pet through use of these guides responsibility lies with you and you vet/physio. 

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