The Common Injuries of Agility and Flyball dogs

The Common Injuries of Agility and Flyball dogs


There's a number of different injuries that can occur to our dogs and these largely vary due to the sport they complete. 


We all know that sinking feeling when we are about to set off ready to train and your dog gets up stiff or even lame!  Sod's law!


But what if I told you there are often early signs to these injuries which you might have missed if you knew the signs could you have avoided the huge vet bills and time off?  Could you have prevented your dog's pain?  


As dog owners, we all would do anything to prevent our beloved dogs from getting injured.  And this is the first step.... Knowing the common injuries and the signs you might see in your dog. 


Plus better yet... learning how to prevent these injuries.  Win win!


Watch the replay now you can find the link on page 2 of your workbook its the same as the live link and will remain live forever!

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