How To Teach My Dog To Spin

What is a spin exercise and why do you need to add it to your dogs routine?


The spin exercise is a great way to get your dog bending through their back to improve their spinal range of movement as well as stretching the paraspinal muscles (these are the muscles that run either side of the spin) which often become tight especially in dogs that pull on the lead. 


To successfully complete a spin exercise lets go back to basics!


How to begin training a spin:


  1. Start by finding out what your dog's favourite treat is, this could be a toy or a tasty snack

  2. Now you’ve picked your dogs treat you can use it to lure them into the correct spin position.  To do this place the treat in front of their nose and draw it backwards towards the tail

  3. Once your dogs head has come around to the tail continue to lure them round to complete their circle

  4. You’ve just completed your first spin!

  5. Be sure to practice on both sides

  6. Once you’ve practised this and your dogs beginning to anticipate the spin you can reduce the luring and add a spin command (mines just spin cos I’m not imaginative enough to come up with anything else if you are please share them with me)

  7. Now you’ve got a command you can stop your luring and instead move your hand further away.  You should still use your hand as a hand signal but your dog should now not be following your hand

  8. Now you’ve got a solid spin command! Yay well done!


What to do now you’ve mastered the spin?


Now that you’ve got your left and right spin nailed you can start combining them to form a small figure of 8 spins.  This ensures that you are getting equal bend to the left and the right.  


You can also try doing double spins in one direction then the other to challenge your dogs balance and coordination.  When you use a double spin your dog has to adjust their centre of gravity to make the turn, this is great practice for situations they may encounter in day to day life or sports.  


Need more help?

Still not sure if the spin is right for your dog? Book a free call with us to discuss your dogs individual needs here

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