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Total Fitness Collection For Horses
  • Total Fitness Collection For Horses


    Want to know you've got the perfect training plan to take you and your horse to the next level?


    Then you need a complete fitness bundle, just like this one.


    What's Included in the Total Fitness Collection for Horses?


    - pole work guide (Usual price £6.99)
    -core guide (Usual price £9.99)
    -fitness ebook (usual price £19.99)


    With this fitness bundle, you will learn-


    - How to choose the correct pole work exercises for your horse

    - What is core strength?

    - How to assess core strength

    - What exercises are in a core program 

    - How to assess your horses fitness and muscle mass

    - How to design a fitness plan for your horse 

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      • All products are aimed at healthy animals and should not be used as a treatment for any animal.  Guides should be used only after consultation with your vet and vet physio to ensure your pet is fit and well or exercises are suitable for the condition your pet suffers.  

      • Fit-Pet Physio are not responsible for any accident/injury that occurs to you or your pet through use of these guides responsibility lies with you and you vet/physio. 

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