Agility Warm-ups Workshop Online
  • Agility Warm-ups Workshop Online


    Ready to improve your dog's consistency, improve their performance and prevent injuries?


    If your dog struggles to perform consistently throughout a clinic or competition day it's not your training or handling that needs to change but your warm-up and cool-down routines.   


    Simple changes to your warm-ups and cool-downs can make a world of difference to your day.  No more frustration that your qualifying run is last or that your dog can only manage 1 day of competition without losing consistency.  


    It's time to take charge and make changes for the better.  


    When and where?

    -Live workshop at 7pm BST 29th June 2021

    - Zoom meeting find the link and password on page 3 of your workbook


    What's included?

    - Warm-up and cool-down routine for your agility dog

    - Stretching and massage demo and individual feedback on your technique so bring your dog 

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