5 Must-Know Dog Tricks

As dog owners, it seems like we are juggling a thousand spinning plates, especially at the beginning right? 


So you’ve just brought your new puppy or dog home and you can’t wait to get started. To build a bond with them, ensure they’re happy and healthy and maybe even try your hand at competing!


But where do you start?


Potty training? Maybe lead walking? These are great places to start with a new puppy but perhaps your dogs already mastered theses and you don’t know where to turn next?


In this blog post and the ones that follow each week, we will take a deep dive into 5 must-know exercises for you and your dog, how to train them and why you should!


As a veterinary physiotherapist, my main focus is on your dog’s physical health, however, all of these exercises will also increase your dogs bond with you, mentally tire them and improve their cognitive ability as well as optimising their physical health and wellbeing.  


So if you want to ensure your dog is as fit, healthy and smart as they can be this is the blog series for you!


My 5 must-know exercises are:



Asking your dog to raise from a sit or down position to a standing position. 



Asking your dog to raise each limb individually.   



Turning your dog to the left and the right.  



Shifting your dog’s weight from front to back and left to right.  



Asking your dog to balance in their hindlimbs either in a sit to beg or in a stand to dance.   


Each week (for the next 5 weeks) I will be adding an in-depth look at each of these 5 exercises.  How you can train them, why you should and how they can be personalised for your dog.

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