Should I Teach my dog to Beg or Dance?

This is the last installment of our 5 Must-Know Dog Tricks blog series!


So just to recap what are the 5 Must-Know dog tricks?


  1. Sit and down to stand 


Asking your dog to raise from a sit or down position to a standing position. 


  1. Paw


Asking your dog to raise each limb individually.   


  1. Spin


Turning your dog to the left and the right.  


  1. Weight shifting 


Shifting your dog’s weight from front to back and left to right.  


  1. Beg and dancing exercises 


Asking your dog to balance in their hindlimbs either in a sit to beg or in a stand to dance.  


Want to read their in depth blog posts? Simply click on the trick you want to read about.  


In this post we’ll be taking a closer look at what bag and dancing exercises are, how to teach and perform them and why you should.  


Firstly what are beg and dancing exercises? 


The beg position I think you will all be familiar with where your dog moves from either a down or a sit to a sit position with the forelimbs raised off the ground.  This is often done unsupported but if you are trying this for the first time here are some steps you can take to make it not only easier for your dog to learn but safer too.  


  • Support your dogs back by being behind them as you lure them upwards into the beg position

  • Start from the sit and work up to the down as your dogs strength and confidence increase

  • Don’t hold the beg position for long 

  • Use high value treats you dog can’t resist


Dancing is a little different, you may have seen it if you do heelwork or heelwork to music but it not the easiest trick for our dogs to perform so we don’t see it too much in the general dog pet population.  


Dancing is when we ask our dogs to stand only in their hindlimbs.  


It's important to note here if your dog has any issues with their hind legs this is not an exercise or trick that they can perform.  


If you dog is healthy and has no hindlimb problems then this is a good progression on from the beg exercise.  You should start by supporting your dogs forelimbs and gradually reducing this support as your dog gets stronger.  


Why should you train beg and dancing exercises?


These exercises are great for improving your dogs core strength, balance and proprioception (awareness of where their bodies are in space).  Dancing exercises increase hindlimb strength and joint extension if your dog is fit and healthy.  


Need more help choosing which exercises suit your dog? Why not check out our Canine Conditioning webinar where we talked through all canine tricks and exercises here.  

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