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Animal Physiotherapy Near Me

Veterinary massage and physiotherapy use a range of manual, exercise and electrotherapies to treat movement and musculoskeletal conditions of dogs and horses.  These can be pathological conditions such as back pain or knee pain or movement dysfunctions such as lameness or altered gait and activity.  


Animal (canine and equine) physiotherapy in West and South Yorkshire is what we live for at Fit-Pet Physio.  Of course, we love all our virtual clients from all over the world but there’s nothing quite like seeing all your lovely pets in person.  


Our veterinary massage and physiotherapy appointments are used by a whole host of different dogs and horses for many different reasons.  


We see many pets who have had bad experiences in the past or who are not comfortable in clinical environments.  I firmly believe that even in those pets who are happy to go into clinics as a therapist I can get a deeper and more lasting treatment in your pets natural environment.  


As we all know our pets are happier if they can stay in their normal routines and with their family members.  


So is it important to you that your veterinary physio is nearby? 


Here at Fit-Pet Physio all of our sessions are performed in your own home or yard.  This means that you don’t have to just choose the vet physio that is closest to you, you have a choice in which veterinary physiotherapist you use.

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